Stunter's Application


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    Stunter's Application

    Post by Stunter. on Sun Feb 27, 2011 5:59 am

    1)In Game Name:[AS]Stunter.
    2)Age: 16
    3)Gender: Male
    5)Xfire: tensionhyper
    6)Location and time zone: France GMT +1
    7)Have you been in any over gangs/clans(say what ones if yes): No
    8)Why would you like to be in [Ask]: Very nice clan and skilled
    9)guys in there, I would like to be part of that communtiy
    10)How could you contribute to [Ask]: Im a good shooter, I respect the rules.
    11)What is you favorite weapon: Deagle,Sawnoff,M4,AK-47,Minigun
    13)fighting: /10 = 10
    14)driving: /10 = 8
    15)flying: /10 = 5 (planes), 5 (helicopter)
    16)scripting: /10 = 0
    17)What server do you play in most: GamerX,Impulse99
    18)Have you go vent/teamspeak: I have Teamspeak
    19)What do you consider to be your weakness in game:Abuse PM
    20)What is your strong points in game:I am pro in /mg1,2,3,4...
    21)What other skills do you have that could help: I can creat you a 22)very nice web site.
    -Extra notes: I hope I can join the clan-

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