[Application] BladeHawk


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    [Application] BladeHawk

    Post by BladeHawk on Sun Jun 07, 2009 8:20 am

    In Game Name*: BladeHawk
    Age*: 16
    Gender: Male
    Msn: chilling_man_92@hotmail.com
    Xfire: bladehawk1992
    Location and time zone*: The Netherlands GMT+1
    Have you been in any over gangs/clans(say what ones if yes): JOKER, [U]
    Where did you hear about this clan: i used to be a member but got kicked because i hacked in partyserver =[
    Why would you like to be in [Ask]*: My old friends Smile and its lovely
    How could you contribute to [Ask]*:
    Well i know how everything works and the rules, and i can be mature
    which won't be bad for Ask i think, also i got photoshop so i can make
    signatures, avatars, banners etc.. I can help with the website.
    Which division would you like to join: Media designers(if that is what you mean)
    What is you favorite weapon: Deagle
    fighting: 7/10
    teamwork: 7/10
    driving: 8,5/10
    flying: 8,5/10
    scripting: 5/10
    What server do you play in most: Currently a Roleplay server but i still got my skillz and sometimes i play on PS and LWs
    Have you go vent/teamspeak: Both
    What do you consider to be your weakness in game*: Hiding =S
    What is your strong points in game*: Dueling
    What other skills do you have that could help: Media skillZz
    Extra notes: Well i know i have been kicked previously for hacking on Partyserver, that was around 8 months ago and i still did not forget about this clan. The hacking was a long long time ago and won't happen ever again. I had a good time in this clan and i coulnt forget you guys. I hope i can come back.

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    Re: [Application] BladeHawk

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