[DENIED]Buffalow = Applying


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    [DENIED]Buffalow = Applying

    Post by Buffalow on Thu Jan 15, 2009 6:34 am

    In Game Name*: Buffalow
    Age*: 16
    Gender: Male
    Msn: Jimmy_terror@hotmail.com
    Xfire: Don't have it yet, working on it
    Have you been in any over gangs/clans(say what ones if yes): Nope,
    Why would you like to be in [Ask]*: well, I have been watching you in Partyserver,
    I like the members of Ask a lot, Playing with them, but socialising with them aswell
    What is you favorite weapon: M4
    Skills*- Well, i dont really have special skills, I'm not very good and i hope thats its not very nassisairy.
    fighting: 8/10
    driving: 8/10
    flying: 8/10
    scripting: 7/10
    What server do you play in most: Partyerver[KFC clan]
    Have you go vent/teamspeak: Not yet, I will install it when you accept me,
    What do you consider to be your weakness in game*: Well, My english is not very well, and i have a to big mouth, but any more weaknesses, i cant find some Very Happy
    What is your strong points in game*: well as i told, I'm not special as others.
    What other skills do you have that could help: Nothing, I hope i can support you, in or out of Ask,
    Extra notes: Hope this is enough for being member of Ask,

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    Re: [DENIED]Buffalow = Applying

    Post by [Ask]Sk8er on Thu Jan 15, 2009 9:18 am

    U got to be skilled. If u have no skillz u won't get in. A big mouth ain't good for us. With that u mean ur immatured and I don't like immature ppl.
    Anywayz, download mIRC or hydraIRC and join us on #Askclan.
    If u are matured and cool with us, we can give u a test which will consists out of 9 duels
    - 3 deagle duels
    - 3 combat duels
    -3 mp5/m4 duels
    2 losses out of 3 = automatically denied

    good luck

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    Re: [DENIED]Buffalow = Applying

    Post by [MOB]InFeRnO on Thu Jan 15, 2009 11:04 am

    yeah dud u need skillz to b in this clan like i said to you on ps ...

    if u want to join a fun clan with no skill required join [sPec] or some clan just ask around..

    but i don't think u have enough skill to get in but if u think you do train a lot with deagle cs and m4 and we will test you ...


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    Re: [DENIED]Buffalow = Applying

    Post by h4tr1k on Thu Jan 22, 2009 6:01 am

    I wana c all these recruits remotely trying to be on IRC

    Keep fighting, win or loose
    Rank = Colonal - Status = scripter(recruit/trainer)

    [19:01] <@Spartanizer> spartanz must learn to fight not learn school bullshit
    [19:08] <@Spartanizer> to be come a leet spartan u must kill 10000+ persians not learn 100000+ maths formulaz

    I r agreezment!

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    Re: [DENIED]Buffalow = Applying

    Post by [Ask]Sk8er on Thu Jan 22, 2009 9:50 am

    * U say u are not skilled at all and if u think it ain't necessary, well it is. We aren't just some random noobs.
    * U say u have a big mouth, and I don't want ppl with big mouths in here. We play fair matured, not with the point to start flamewars

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    Re: [DENIED]Buffalow = Applying

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