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    Post by Swider*Poland on Tue Aug 24, 2010 2:10 am

    Game Name*: SwideR_
    Age*: 14 (02.04.1996r)
    Gender: Male:)
    Msn: manel123@gazeta.pl / GG(gadu gadu) : 13109174
    Xfire: i dont have
    Location and time zone*: POLAND (PL) (+1)
    Have you been in any over gangs/clans(say what ones if yes): My clans : PMH (Polish Multiplayer Hooligans) , EPK (Elite Polish Killerss) , Ve_ (Viva extra -clan - W/C) ,
    Where did you hear about this clan: a colleague told me n server
    Why would you like to be in [Ask][b]*: its a fantastick clanbetween national
    How could you contribute to [Ask]*:e offer its assistance
    What is you favorite weapon: shotgun / m4
    fighting: 6/10
    teamwork: 5.5/10
    driving: 8/10
    flying: 8/10
    scripting: 1/10
    What server do you play in most: GTA:T and HighSkill
    Have you go vent/teamspeak: yes of course
    What do you consider to be your weakness in game*: i dont play very good in team
    What is your strong points in game*: do duels with 1 vs 1
    What other skills do you have that could help:i can be very active and help Wink)
    Extra notes: "Welcome i from poland. My name's is a MATEUSZ Smile) Please consider giving positive ones.

    Yours sincerely : SwideR_.

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    Re: Helloo

    Post by evskiboy on Mon Nov 15, 2010 9:20 am

    we have a new website.



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